Report: Max Verstappen in dismay as home race in Zandvoort may get called off

After a Covid-19 impacted season last year, it seems that the pandemic is here to stay for a while.

Just a few weeks ago, Canada pulled out from the F1 calendar to be replaced by Turkey. Then, unfortunately, Turkey too had to pull out, citing travel restrictions.

Now, there are reports that the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort could also get cancelled, much to the disappointment of Max Verstappen.

According to a statement by Zandvoort circuit head, Robert van Overdijk, he would want to celebrate Dutch GP’s F1 return with a full stand. They are currently hard at work trying to get the public back on the track.

However, with uncertainty regarding the pandemic, there might be a chance that the event might get cancelled.

What did Overdijk say?

“We want an event with full stands. Obviously, we cannot look at the future in a crystal ball, but fortunately, we are now entering a more positive phase. More and more people are vaccinated,” van Overdijk said.

Max Verstappen has been waiting for a home Grand Prix. With him being half-Belgian, the closest he got to a home GP was the Belgian Grand Prix.

Sine he races under the Dutch flag, he would surely want a race in Zandvoort, on Dutch soil.

Additionally, the track has not been a part of F1 for a while. Fans would love to have that back.

Other motorsport events to be impacted too

Another thing that could dampen the spirits of motorsport fans is that if the Formula 1 event is cancelled, there is a chance that other events will follow.

Apart from F1, Formula 3 and the W Series will also be cancelled and be forced to find a new venue.

While the fate of the Dutch Grand Prix is still unsure, it is still a while away.

Verstappen has to currently focus on trying to bridge the gap between himself and Lewis Hamilton, who is currently in the lead in the F1 drivers’ standings.

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