Report: Preliminary contact established between Renault and Williams

Renault is currently on the lookout for customers that it can supply power to in Formula 1. As things stand, the only factory team to be using a Renault engine is Alpine F1.

The main goal may be to offer a broader perspective to F2 talents, but it is imperative that Renault finds more customers. Right now, however, Williams looks like the only potential consumer that the French manufacturer can target.

It goes without saying that Renault is no longer a popular engine supplier in the sport. Most teams have their own suppliers, with Williams believed to be the only interested party.

Motorsport has reported that initial contact between Renault and Williams has been established.  

Such a partnership is unlikely to be forged overnight as there are some obstacles to overcome.

Since the development of the 2022 cars is already underway, the materials and development needs to be finalised before long.

Apart from this, Williams has already stated that its association with Mercedes will get stronger post the 2022 season. In an attempt to reduce its running costs, it is believed that Williams will look to purchase gearboxes and other components from Mercedes.

This is relatively uncharted territory for Renault as it would need to supply more than just the power source.

Till now, the French outfit has only supplied engines. It was the responsibility of its customers to handle their gearbox and other components. The onus is on Renault to restructure in a way that it can achieve this end goal.

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