Report: Red Bull gets a timely boost with new updates ahead of Portugal GP

Red Bull Racing is entering Portugal with a bunch of new updates to its car. Formula 1 journalist Albert Fabrega has posted the key changes that the outfit will be introducing on his Twitter handle.

Red Bull raced Imola with almost the same car they used in Bahrain. The team, however, wanted to extract more from the car and get to know it a lot better.

Formula 1 teams are not allowed to do a lot on the cars at the moment. But, aerodynamic parts including bargeboards and wings can be changed. Red Bull has taken advantage of this and put it to good use in the run-up to the Grand Prix in Portimao.

In the first picture, one can spot the adjustments to the floor. There seems to be more space between the first fin and the two elongated fins on the side.

The second picture shows the changes made to the bargeboards. It is difficult to spot the differences in the picture, but they are there.

The space around the diffuser also seems to have been changed on the RB16B. Difficult to spot once again, but present for sure.

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