Report: Turkish Grand Prix set to get cancelled

The Turkish Grand Prix, an important part of the F1 calendar, has been cancelled owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to reports surfacing in Turkish media. The FIA is yet to make a formal announcement on the subject.

Turkish Grand Prix - Wikipedia
The track for the Turkish Grand Prix

Recently, the United Kingdom put Turkey on the red list. This means that people are discouraged to travel to the country. They also have to face a mandatory quarantine if they do. This had already made the organisation of a Turkish GP next to impossible.

Several Turkish sports media like S Sport and Mansetabak have announced that the race has been cancelled. The race was already a replacement, in place of the the Canadian GP. This leaves question marks over a new potential race and replacement location.

As Turkey is on the red list, many sporting events in the country have been moved. Among them is the UEFA Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea, which has also been relocated.

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