Report: Williams to break partnership with Mercedes in favour of Alpine F1

Williams and Mercedes have formed a healthy partnership in recent times.

The Silver Arrows provide Williams with the power unit and have loaned them their junior driver George Russell for this season.

This association may soon be about to come to an end though, according to a report. The report states that there is a big chance that Williams will switch to Alpine F1 for its power units.

It goes without saying that this is a huge moment in Formula 1 and could have a wider impact on the grid.

“[Renault] also aspires for Grove’s team to become their junior or B team. In this way, they could raise young drivers from their academy to Formula 1.

“At the moment, they have no place at Alpine, as the team has Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon and they plan to continue that for a few more seasons,” the report said.

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As a result of this, the partnership will see Alpine supplying Williams with engines starting from 2022.

In return for this service, the British team will become a customer outfit and will offer Alpine with a chance to promote whichever juniors it chooses.

Williams had announced in January that it would increase its technical partnership with Mercedes starting from next season. This involved gearboxes and other parts being sent from one team to the other.

However, if the deal with Alpine is struck, this certainly will not happen.

Mercedes will also need to take a call on Russell’s future. The youngster is someone the team is reportedly keeping a close eye on.

“It should be remembered that George Russell, driver of the Brackley academy, will begin his third season with the Grove team in the absence of a free seat in the current champion.

“Thus, they would face the possibility of having to make important decisions about their driver line-up perhaps sooner than they planned,” the report said.

With three seats vacant at the end of the current season in Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and Russell, Mercedes will have a big decision to make.

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