Ricciardo believes the FIA got one thing right in its dubious Verstappen verdict

Daniel Ricciardo defended the FIA amidst the heavy criticism they have been receiving, taking a different stance to some fellow drivers.

The FIA has come under massive heat from some drivers and teams for their inability to be clear regarding the rules. Those on the grid are dissatisfied with the authorities for their random handling of incidents.

Top names in the sport have called out the stewards for a variety of reasons. Recent events have escalated to a whole new level.

However, Ricciardo defended the FIA amidst heavy criticism, and stated that he was fine with the job they were doing.

As quoted by GP Fans, the McLaren driver said, “For me, in a way, they were consistent with two of the same moves in Brazil with Charles (Leclerc) and Carlos (Sainz) and Max (Verstappen) and Lewis (Hamilton).

Daniel Ricciardo. Credits: planetf1.com

“They didn’t give penalties or make them swap positions for those two. Whether that was right or wrong, at least they showed consistency in two very similar incidents.”

Subjective stuff

Ricciardo also insisted that the perception of verdicts from the FIA change from day to day, and they weren’t fully to blame for it.

“It’s hard because we also don’t want to…of course, when it’s right, a penalty should be given,” he continued.

“But a few years ago, we did want a bit more freedom to race and if someone has you over, alright, you have the right to have him over in the future. I’m more up for that, so I don’t want to get too dialled in on what penalty is what.

“I think the blatant ones will always get a penalty, and maybe the ones that are more 50/50 you might see some get away with it. I’m okay with it for the most part,” he concluded.

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