“No longer trying to end each other’s career”: Ricciardo explains “easier” relationship with Verstappen

Red Bull has been in and out of worrisome positions especially when it comes to teammate rivalries. At times, they had no other option other than to enforce team orders.

The last time Red Bull found itself in such a position was when Max Verstappen joined them alongside Daniel Ricciardo.

Initially Ricciardo was their favourite. But the moment Red Bull realised the value of Verstappen, they shifted the spotlight on to him. Irrespective of this, both Verstappen and Ricciardo are pushing each other to their absolute depths.

It has now been two years since the duo parted ways and Ricciardo has finally opened up about the dynamics between the two drivers. He disclosed that both of them had only one goal in mind and that is to destroy each others’ careers.

Despite intense rivalry on field, he still considers the Dutchman a friend.

“I think it’s easier now for me and Max to be friends for two reasons,” he said.

“I think one is that obviously, we’re not in direct competition. We’re not trying to basically end each other’s careers.

“The second point is that I think – I mean, of course, I won races with him as a teammate and got pole position. So I think he always knew I was quick and respected me.

“But now, since I’ve left, the other drivers have come through and him having different teammates.”

The moment Verstappen stepped into Red Bull, he was given a major priority. But even before anything could happen, Ricciardo made a switch to Renault F1 team. This left Red Bull looking for a worthy replacement which they are yet to find.

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