“Is it like the length of your nose?” – Ricciardo flushed after being asked inappropriate question

Daniel Ricciardo is very media-friendly and has been asked almost any question that one can think of during his almost decade-long career with Formula 1. But, recently things went a little too far for his liking.

Dutch cable company Ziggo asked the McLaren driver a series of questions sent in by fans and things got really personal.

The session began with a few mellow questions like which Grand Prix he is most keen to win (Melbourne) and what is his favorite pizza topping (diavola). But, then a fan named Laura put the Aussie in a fix.

“Do you believe the story of the length of your nose? There is gossip about the length of your nose. It has something to do with other,” the reporter relayed. But Ricciardo figured where the question was heading and interrupted.

“Ah yes! Big nose … big toes!” he said.

But that attempt to laugh it off was not good enough as the reporter followed up.

“Is it true?” he persisted.

Ricciardo was perplexed but managed to satisfy Laura in his response.

“Maybe after F1, I get into another career,” he joked. “And then … (laughing) Stop. Stop.

“But I am happy and comfortable with myself. Thank you, goodbye!”

The Australian was also asked about his ambitions with McLaren.

“Ultimately the world title, that’s what I really want,” Ricciardo said. “This year, a trophy. A big one. I want to win again for sure. It’s been about three years since I won.”

Ricciardo is still struggling to find his feet with the outfit, especially after he was instructed to give up his spot to teammate Lando Norris who then went on to get a podium finish.

Do you think Ricciardo will be able to bring back his old form? Let us know in the comments below!

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