Ricciardo shakes on new bet, but there will be no tattoo involved this time!

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo is one of the most likeable characters on the grid, and he always finds a way to engage his loyal following.

Last season, he had a bet going with Cyril Abiteboul that would’ve forced the Renault boss into the tattoo parlous.

The Australian driver had won his bet with Abiteboul after finishing on the podium at the Eifel Grand Prix. The bet entailed that Ricciardo would get to pick exactly what tp get made and Abiteboul would get to decide its placement.

This year, Ricciardo has another bet going with his current boss, McLaren CEO Zak Brown.

While Brown isn’t all that open to the prospect of getting a tattoo, but does know that Ricciardo is very passionate about NASCAR.

In the past, Ricciardo has spoken about his love for the racing series and claimed that he would be keen on being part of it. He even chose No.3 on his car in homage to stock car legend Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Brown decided to hand Ricciardo a replica of this model on Wednesday, and said that there are even greater things in store for the Australian.

“You can keep that version as a signing on bonus,” Brown said.

“But, I’m thinking — your first podium, you give the real thing a go.”

Ricciardo seemed as optimistic as ever. “That’s awesome — I feel like I’ve got to give you something though. Is this really for me to take? Hell yeah,” he said.

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