Ricciardo shows maturity by stubbing ego and following team order – “The team was fair enough”

Even though two drivers drive for the same team and are called teammates, there is still a lot of competition within them. That is just the nature of Formula 1.

There have been cases where selfish behaviour on one’s part has sabotaged the entire team’s strategy. As a result, both ‘mates’ have to work together for the best interest of the team.

Daniel Ricciardo, while running in P4, was asked to let his teammate Lando Norris overtake him. Norris was faster and could therefore attempt to compete with those in the front.

Ricciardo had an opportunity to not follow these instructions, but he took a step back for the team’s benefit.

“Honestly, the team were fair enough. They gave me time to try to show my pace,” he said.

“There were some laps where I had a bit and I could do a decent time. To be honest, when I did push, I killed the front-left tire.

“So, I think they gave me the time to show what I had and today, it wasn’t enough. So, I am not going to get into any fisticuffs because it’s fair enough.”

The Australian is experienced with almost a decade of F1 under his belt. He has also had a few team switches along the way. This helped him understand why his teammate was faster than him.

“I don’t think I underestimated, I was well aware when I transitioned from Red Bull to Renault. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a bit of time, but the season’s long,” he said.

“The positive is that Lando had a strong weekend, obviously on the podium. I think, better that, than him in P12. It shows that we are quick.”

The decision to let Norris overtake Ricciardo helped him clock out at third spot. This was a mature move on Ricciardo’s part.

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