Rich Energy, Ecclestone slated to make return to Formula 1

Rich Energy is confident it will be back in Formula 1 this year. This time, the outfit has noted former supremo Bernie Ecclestone to be part of the deal.

Rich Energy has previously sponsored Team Haas. It continues to announce through its social media channels that it will make a comeback to the sport this season. However, there is yet to be any official confirmation on the matter.

Company founder and CEO William Storey announced that they would make a comeback through a video post in January. He dubbed this as the “greatest comeback since Lazarus”. The move was set to take place in the first week of February.

However, last week, they announced that this major news would be coming next week, which is now this week.

It remains to be seen whether the black and gold of Rich Energy will make a comeback to the sport.

Rich Energy is involved in other forms of motorsport which has not got it the sort of publicity that it was after. This may be reason to believe that they will do more or less anything to return to the sport.

Recently, they hinted that Bernie Ecclestone would be part of the deal.

Ecclestone had left Formula 1 in 2017 after Liberty Media took over the sport’s administration.

Previously, Ecclestone was the chief executive of Formula 1 and managed the commercial rights of the sport.

It remains to be seen whether the two will indeed make aa comeback.

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