Rich Energy founder William Storey slams COVID-19 vaccines – “Biggest scandal in public health history”

Former Haas F1 sponsor William Storey, founder of Rich Energy, has slammed COVID-19 vaccines.

The businessman, who seems to be an anti-vaxxer, has taken every opportunity to slam public vaccines and forced lockdowns. This has resulted in him taking quite a bit of stick from fans.

In his latest rant, Storey has gone on about the situation, and has slammed COVID-19 vaccines.

“Without an ‘emergency’, they can’t push unlicensed experimental vaccines under ‘emergency’ legislation. Health professionals need to take a long hard look at themselves for going along with this sham. Biggest scandal in public health history,” Storey tweeted, as reported by

Rich Energy F1 Sponsorship 2021 -
William Storey, founder of Rich Energy, has slammed COVID-19 vaccines. Source:

In another tweet, he said, “How can anyone think that the disgrace we are witnessing in #Australia is anything other than authoritarianism using a virus as a false pretext. Indefensible & people need to wake up fast. Who is instructing the politicians? #AustraliaHasFallen.”

Healthcare has been called out by Storey, so his reception will be very poor. He is planning a return to F1, so you can predict a hostile reception there.

Return to racing

“I’m delighted to announce that Rich Energy is coming back to Formula 1,” Storey said in a video message.

“Unfortunately, due to poor performance on and off the track (in 2019), regrettably I had to sack Haas.

“In the last year, we’ve worked incredibly hard to lead a renaissance of Rich Energy worldwide where millions of consumers are trying our drink.

“A strategic ally of Rich Energy has agreed to purchase a majority stake in an existing team. We did explore with the new regulations actually entering our own team for 2022, which would be Rich Energy Formula 1 Team.

“But a friend of ours has agreed a deal for a majority stake in a Formula 1 team, and we will become a partner of that team for 2021. Once that acquisition is announced, we will become the title sponsor for 2022.

“I’m really looking forward to competing with our competitors on-track. I’ll be at the first race, March 28, in Bahrain,” he concluded.

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