“roller coaster deez nuts”: Cody Garbrandt picks Jake Paul as his latest target

Cody Garbrandt was defeated for the fourth time this past weekend at UFC Vegas 27. In a bantamweight bout against Rob Font, ‘No Love’ headlined the card.

Though Garbrandt had some early takedown success, Font used some stellar defence to stuff the takedown attempts as the fight progressed. Font used his six-inch reach advantage to keep Garbrandt at bay with a stiff jab and landed close to 200 substantial punches.

Jake Paul wasted no time in mocking the former UFC bantamweight champion. ‘The Problem Child’, to no one’s surprise, has found yet another way to irritate MMA fighters and fans.

While the banter is entertaining, it will certainly be intriguing to see a boxing match between the two.

Here’s how a war between the two could go down:

1) Garbrandt is victorious by a majority vote

This is the most possible outcome. Garbrandt has a lot of combat experience and great cardio. Throughout his career, he has had some five-round MMA fights. ‘No Love’ should have no trouble keeping up with an eight-, ten-, or even twelve-round boxing match.

Paul, on the other hand, has a 3-0 boxing record against non-boxers and has never encountered adversity inside the squared circle. Paul has never seen a boxing match beyond the third round.

Although ‘The Problem Child’ has a substantial height, weight, and reach advantage over ‘No Love’, Garbrandt will exhaust the YouTuber by distance management. When he’s in his element, the former UFC bantamweight champion has some insane evasive manoeuvres and head movement.

Paul would eventually be too exhausted to mount any successful offence, and Garbrandt would be able to find a home for his jabs and combos. Garbrandt will win by a majority decision at the end of the match.

2) Jake Paul wins by TKO

This is an unlikely, though not entirely impossible, case. After all, this is a fighting game.

Paul has a six-inch height advantage and nearly ten-inch reach advantage over Cody Garbrandt at 6’1″ and 76-inch reach. In comparison, when in combat condition, Paul weighs about 50 pounds more than Garbrandt.

Paul has faced non-boxers, but all of his victories have been by KO/TKO. The stoppage against Ben Askren was doubtful, but the truth remains that he did knock ‘Funky’ to the canvas.

If Paul can use his reach and weight superiority to his advantage, he can be able to land some hard blows on Garbrandt. With enough substantial strikes, ‘The Problem Child’ might pull off an unexpected upset.

3) Cody Garbrandt wins by KO

This could be the most exciting result for fans of combat sports. Garbrandt is a knockout artist with extensive boxing experience. Before turning to MMA, ‘No Love’ had a 32-0 amateur boxing record.

Garbrandt has expressed his passion for boxing and his desire to brawl on several occasions. ‘No Love’ is regularly involved in slugfests within the octagon because it is something he loves doing.

There have been occasions when this has worked against him, but there have also been several occasions when it has worked in his favour. Garbrandt has dynamite in his hands, and it would only take one or two large shots to flush Paul’s chin to knock him out.

Of course, given Paul’s height and reach advantage, this won’t be easy. But it’s not impossible, particularly because Paul’s chin hasn’t been checked in any way.

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