Rosberg offers cheeky response to Verstappen rebuking his advice on countering Hamilton

Nico Rosberg had recently stated to the media that Max Verstappen is only now learning about how good Lewis Hamilton is. The Dutchman however did not agree with this statement.

The Red Bull driver rebuked him by saying that he does not need Rosberg to understand Hamilton.

In a conversation with journalist Erik van Haren, Rosberg agreed that Verstappen surely does not need him. However, the former Mercedes driver said with a wink, “Although by now I can also tell you what it’s like to beat Lewis in Extreme E.”

Extreme E is a new category of racing where the battle is fought in electric SUVs. Both Rosberg and Hamilton have their respective teams. Just like Formula 1, there is an intense fight in this racing series.

“As if it had to be this way, indeed. In qualifying, semifinals and finals, our teams were fighting each other,” he added.

The first round of the championship saw a win by Rosberg’s team.

Extreme E is a category of racing which brings the focus to various causes including equality, diversity and the climate.

Sustainability is another aspect that is highlighted here, which is something both Hamilton and Rosberg believe in.

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