Russell reveals secret message from Toto and Bono after Sakhir GP

George Russell has show remarkable driving skill ever since his debut at F1 in 2019. Even though he has not had much success at Williams, he managed to display his skills when he was given a chance to drive for Mercedes.

While reflecting on his experience at the Sakhir Grand Prix, he revealed what Toto Wolff and Peter Bonnington said to him after the race.

The Brit got the opportunity of a lifetime when he got a chance to drive for Mercedes when Hamilton was diagnosed with COVID-19. While racing for the Silver Arrows, he showed ample maturity during the race. However, he couldn’t score a win due to circumstances that were beyond his control.

Talking about how his outing at Mercedes ended, Russell revealed his emotions on the entire scenario.

“Anybody in that situation would have had trouble keeping their emotions in order. I came back to the drivers’ room, threw everything down.

“I was speechless, to be honest, and very emotional.”

He also mentioned what Toto Wolff and Peter Bonnington said to him after the race.

“Then Toto and Bono [race engineer] came in. They said, “You were amazing. We’re so sorry. Your time will come again.”

“I was obviously disappointed but equally incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity and pride in how the race went in such short notice in a car I’d never driven with no preparation.”

Russell also mentioned how the scenario around the paddock changed post the race.

“I definitely noticed the difference around the paddock. More people noticed me and recognised me outside, too, in the airport and other places. It was huge, really, there was a lot of respect for me. It’s difficult to know how good somebody is when they’re at the back of the grid. That silenced the critics.”

Sheer skill and talent are required to enter the world of premier motorsports. However, the performance of any driver is completely dependent on the vehicle they are given to drive. The Sakhir drive showed everyone how good all drivers can get when they are given the right vehicle.

Unfortunately, only strong teams such as Red Bull and Mercedes have a chance of winning and a rookie has only four seats available on entering the sport. Unless the rookie is an absolute talent, he will never be considered for those seats.

Do you think Russell will be able to score a name without being involved with a prime candidate like Mercedes? Let us know in the comments below!

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