“Guys next to him are animals”: Sainz made schoolboy error before race

Ferrari had a good day in office at Bahrain after both Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc managed to see the checkered flag coming in at top 10.

While the Monegasque had an action-packed race fighting out against the McLarens, Sainz was way too cautious rather than taking up an aggressive approach.

Caving in to constant pressure from drivers behind him, he struggled a lot more than expected to pull away from these threats.

However, this was expected from the Spaniard as he had revealed that he would be taking it easy at his debut with the team. But, this revelation of his left a former Spanish racing driver quite disappointed.

Pedro de la Rosa, an ex-F1 driver, believes that Sainz should not have revealed his strategy right before the race.

“I think that in motor racing, you can have an aggressive approach, You can start more conservative, whatever. But you never have to say what’s your approach, really,” Pedro announced in the F1 Nation podcast.

“So, that’s the only thing. I felt that he should have never said that. Before the race, he said that ‘I’m going to be conservative. It’s the first race with Ferrari’,” Pedro continued.

He also goes on to say that rival teams and their drivers including Fernando Alonso would have taken advantage of Sainz’s conservative approach.

“I mean the guys next to him are animals, you know. Fernando [Alonso] must have been rubbing his hands saying, ‘okay, it’s my turn’. And you watch his start,” he said.

“He was not conservative, actually. And he lost 1 position to [Lance] Stroll because he was trying to attack Fernando.

“So you just don’t say what your strategy is going to be, especially. And in your first race, you have to be massively aggressive. So, I don’t think that message came across as it had to. He shouldn’t have said it. He was not conservative. That’s my view.”

It is still very early for Sainz at Ferrari and even with relatively less experience in the Red Beast, he managed to score four points for the team.

Considering that Sainz has now had a taste of the fully set SF21, one can expect him to unleash his final form.

Fans can also expect juicy battles between Sainz and Leclerc at the upcoming Emilia Romagna GP.

Do you think Sainz will bring out his true form with his Ferrari? Let us know in the comments below!!

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