Mick Schumacher moved into his fellow teammate Nikita Mazepin‘s slipstream with the intention of overtaking him on the start-finish straight in Baku towards the end of the race.

As they approached speeds of 200mph, Mazepin, in wanting to defend his 13th place, swerved to the right which almost pinned his teammate against the concrete wall.

Schumacher avoided a collision with fast reflexes despite it only being his sixth Formula 1 race.

However, as he passed Mazepin, he gestured towards him aggressively and then vented over the team radio but managed to cross the line seven-thousandths of a second clear.

The Haas duo. Source: grandprix247.com

What did Schumacher say?

“What the f**k was that? Honestly, seriously, does he want to kill us?” he exclaimed.

Even though still a rookie, Schumacher has managed to stay ahead of Mazepin throughout the race. He, however, fell behind at the restart following Max Verstappen’s late crash.

Steiner had to step in

Guenther Steiner. Source: planetf1.com

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner had to intervene to cool off the situation between the two drivers.

“Obviously, there was a situation on the straight that was all resolved, and we’ve cleared the air. There was some misunderstanding, but we’re fine and all moving on from it,” Steiner said in the team report.

Mazepin has been the talk of the town among several drivers who have been impacted by his on-track antics.

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