“Scope within agreement”: Budget cap increase for sprint races could be fluid

F1’s plans to introduce sprint race qualifying format has gotten a go ahead. The final obstacle was the added financial cost that each team would have to bear of what would be 3 more short races.

However, F1 has reportedly found a diplomatic solution to this problem.

According to a report that was published, “Teams will receive around $500,000 dollars for the extra three races – with the cost cap being lifted by that same amount.

“Furthermore, if a team endures a hefty damage bill as the result of a major accident in a sprint race, then there is scope within the agreement for further leeway with an extra payment and a raised cost cap limit to cover this, so they are not unfairly penalized.”

Initially, the plan was to raise the cost capital by $1 million. But smaller teams raised the issue that the extra money would give bigger teams the way to make performance adjustments to their cars.

Fortunately, this obstacle has now been resolved with only a few minor details that need to be addressed before sprint races replace the qualifying sessions.

The final vote is estimated to take place in a few weeks. But it could be as early as the race in Imola on April 18th.

Old school F1 fans need not worry about this new format as the sprint qualifying format will last only for three races. The tracks chosen are Silverstone, Monza and Interlagos.

This format will involve a 100 km race which will help decide the grid for the main race on Sunday. Another aspect of this format is that the top 8 finishers will be awarded points. This could make the championship standings a lot more competitive. The exact number of points is yet to be determined.

The main reason to introduce this format was to increase viewership of the sport which is absolutely required especially during these times.

Do you think sprint qualifying will become a permanent thing? Let us know in the comments below!

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