Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber were taken to see homeless people to aid in relationship building

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner has revealed how he got former drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber to get along.

Since Red Bull hit the F1 paddock in 2005, Horner has been the only Team Principal for the constructor. In his career, he has managed 12 drivers.

Vettel and Webber raced for Red Bull from 2009 to 2013. In that time, Red Bull won four of the five championships available. Although they were very successful, the two drivers had a rough relationship. It peaked in its intensity when they crashed into each other in 2010.

Mark Webber/Sebastian Vettel rivalry 'separated' the Red Bull team |  PlanetF1
Christian Horner played a key role in mending the relationship between Mark Webber (left) and Sebastian Vettel (right). Source:

Speaking on The High Performance Podcast, Horner spoke about the tension between Vettel and Webber. He talked about how he got them to improve their relationship.

“I got both drivers and I took them, with David Coulthard, actually, to Great Ormond Street, to meet some of the kids that were having a tough time. Also importantly, the parents. And to spend a morning there with those kids and parents, and some of the heartache and you know, that was real life issues,” he said.

“And it just demonstrated that, okay, we’ve got it pretty good. With the challenges these poor children and their parents and the anguish they had, what we do is nothing.”

Reasonable respect between both of them: Horner

It was a simple thing he had done, but it saw the relationship between the drivers change for the better. It wasn’t a complete 180-degree turn, but they got along well enough after it.

When asked if he arranged a meeting with both of them after that visit, Horner said, “I didn’t need to, at that point. I think after that, we then had a period where there was a reasonable respect between the two of them.”

It is great to hear a story about a rivalry that has a happy ending. Rivalries are nothing new in F1, and the fight for glory can throw up a few. For every Vettel-Webber, there is a Hamilton-Rosberg that was explosive and unhealthy. Thankfully, the former was built on trust and professionalism after Horner’s actions

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