Sebastian Vettel denies role in poaching Red Bull staff – “My job is to drive the car”

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel has stated that he has no role to play in Red Bull staff joining him in his team.

Just last week, there was an announcement about Red Bull’s aerodynamics boss, Dan Fallows, joining Aston Martin.

He will be joining as their new technical director which is a part of the restructuring process taking place within the team.

Soon enough, another signing followed with Red Bull aerodynamicist Andrew Alessi being given the post of the new head of technical operations.

Considering Vettel has worked with both of them back during his Red Bull days, some are claiming that the German is responsible for them jumping boat.

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What did Vettel say?

Vettel has denied any involvement in the Red Bull staff joining Aston Martin.

“I’m part of the team, but my job is to drive the car and provide feedback to the engineers, not to recruit personnel,” he said.

“Since I joined Aston Martin, the team has been steadily increasing its resources and it’s nice to see new people come to us.

“I worked with both Andrew and Dan, but it was a long time ago – it’s amazing how much time has passed since then.

“We have also invited and got a lot of other people whose names are maybe not so well known. But with each new employee, Aston Martin becomes stronger.”

Not because of me: Vettel

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While Vettel might not have directly caused the staff to shift teams, his mere presence could be a reason.

However, he has denied his role in the process.

“I don’t think they came here because of me. After all, I was at Ferrari for several years after I was with Red Bull,” the four-time World Champion added.

“For Andrew and Dan, the transition should be quite nice because they’re changing from one British team to another. They don’t have to leave the country they live in.

“Moving to a new job in the same region is always easier than leaving for a whole new country,” he concluded.

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