Sebastian Vettel gives verdict on the 2022 tyres – “The view to the front is even worse”

Sebastian Vettel has given his verdict on the 2022 tyres that will be used for the upcoming season.

Testing sessions have taken place throughout this season, so that manufacturer Pirelli can obtain data for the new ones. Every team except Williams took part in the tests, including Aston Martin and driver Vettel.

Vettel’s vast experience in F1 is a great asset, and his feedback will be invaluable for Pirelli. He found things to praise and issues to call out on the 18-inch tyres, and gave his verdict on the tyres.

Front wheel of the prototype 2022 F1 car. Silverstone July 2021.
Test tyres for the new season (pictured). Source:

“You can drive longer at the limit with these tyres without them overheating,” said Vettel, as quoted by Auto Motor und Sport.

“They are more comfortable over the kerbs and offer more grip in slow and medium-fast corners. I felt faster in those sections than with the conventional tyres.”

The 2021 cars are not suited for the test tyres, which Pirelli have been sending out with lower pressure levels. Vettel took note of the same, and addressed a concern he felt in high-speed corners.

“The big wheels make the view to the front even worse,” the German explained.

“There are also all the mirror mounts in the way. It was best when the mirrors were attached to the Halo. With the covers and the big wheels, you can’t see the kerbs at all,” he said.


Visibility is an issue, and one that should be addressed quickly by Pirelli. Its importance in F1 cannot be understated, and Vettel has delivered the warning sign.

Pirelli took a big hit to their reputation when the Baku fiasco happened this season. Now it is up to the tyre company to make sure that kind of thing isn’t a problem when the next season rolls around.

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