Sebastian Vettel on the verge of completing Red Bull reunion just a month after F1 exit

Sebastian Vettel called time on his F1 career less than a month ago, and although he still intends to continue racing, a mooted reunion with Red Bull now also appears to be on the cards.

Red Bull technical advisor Helmut Marko has fuelled rumours of Vettel coming back to the team in their top management following an interview with Sky Sports.

Marko believes Vettel is “destined for top management in F1” and felt that there could be no better place to start than with Red Bull, the team with whom he won all his four world championships.

Marko has confessed that talks between the two parties have already begun.

“It is not impossible that he will come back for a top management position,” Marko said.

“We had a conversation and if he could get a top management position, that would appeal to him. That became clear during the conversation.

“He would certainly have the potential and the personality for it, but for now we’ll let him plant a few trees.”

Vettel enjoyed a distinguished career in the sport and achieved varying degrees of success at most of the teams he competed for.

However, his stint at Aston Martin eventually saw him fall out of love with the sport and he ended his 15 year association with the pinnacle of motorsport racing.

While many were fans of Vettel’s calculative style of racing, almost everyone seemed to love his compassion and work ethic in general.

Over time, he became one of the sport’s most popular drivers.

There is no denying the fact that his decision to retire was largely to spend more time with his family, but it would not be unprecedented to see him take up some role in a sport that has showered him with so much love.

Vettel’s long-term goals in life are still believed to be related to sustainability causes and a special focus on climate protection and human rights activism.

The German often called himself a hypocrite for talking so much about the environment while driving in cars that go against the principles of sustainability.

The love for racing, though, still runs deep in his veins, as was apparent during his final race in Abu Dhabi in November.

“I can’t ignore the fact that I have a lot of heart and soul for motorsport and am very close to the sport,” said Vettel.

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