Red Bull driver Sergio Perez claimed a first-place podium finish at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix last Sunday which made his father proud.

His father also took the opportunity to take a jibe at his old team, McLaren which saw the 31-year-old driver race for back in 2013.

According to Antonio Perez Garibay, Sergio was under a lot more pressure when he was driving for the Woking-based racing stable.

Sergio Perez; Source:

What did his father say?

“If you ask me at what stage Checo had more pressure, it was at McLaren, when he had a car that wasn’t competitive and they asked you for results,” he said.

“In this team (Red Bull) it’s the opposite, they ask for results but give you weapons to go forward.”

Back in 2013, Sergio had signed a multi-year contract with McLaren by replacing Lewis Hamilton.

However, things did not work out as he was replaced just a year later.

Perez win the Azerbaijan Grand Prix; Source:

Sergio much more at home with Red Bull

Perez’s father goes on to suggest that his son is much more comfortable driving for Red Bull.

He is taking his time to get used to the new environment and is faring well considering his podium finish in Baku.

“I see a Checo who is much more relaxed, who understands his car, a Checo who knows what he is doing,” his father told Marca.

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