Sergio Perez says Max Verstappen does not take day-offs during the season

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez has offered words of praise for his fellow driver Max Verstappen for his work ethic. He also adds that the Dutchman does not take any day-offs.

During the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Verstappen had tough luck after he crashed out with just a few laps remaining.

This allowed Perez to take the lead and claim victory with ease.

Perez has often been impressed by Verstappen’s behavior around the paddock and on the track.

What did Perez say?

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez; Source:

“Max is a tremendous talent,” Perez told Sky F1.

“From the first lap in FP1 to the last lap on Sunday he is 110 percent.

“You see with other drivers that they have days off. He doesn’t do that and is delivering at a very high level. I’m very lucky to have that reference in him.”

Reduction in free practice time a major hindrance

According to the Red Bull driver, the reduction in free practice time from 90 minutes to 60 is a major obstacle for drivers to get used to their machines.

“There is just so little time now and you can hardly do a set-up change in session, so it’s made it harder for those drivers who have changed teams, but overall it is still the same for everyone,” he stated.

Don’t count first five races!

Sergio Perez; Source:

Perez mentioned that his first five races on the current season were not up to the mark.

“I wouldn’t put a number to it but certainly I’m not pleased with the results overall,” said the 31-year-old.

“I’m pleased with the speed I’ve shown at times but there is still a lot of potential. The only time I’ve driven this car in long runs is basically at the races.

“On the weekends, before a race we probably do up to 10 laps on the high fuel runs so there is not a lot of scope to read into it. But things will only get better from now on,” he concluded.

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