Sergio Perez was on the verge of retiring before picking up remarkable victory in chaotic finish

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez almost missed out on his second F1 career win while planning to retire his car.

However, he decided against it and went on to claim victory.

The Mexican took advantage of Max Verstappen crashing out after a tyre failure and claimed his second victory in six races.

Perez was told to stop his car at the end of the pit lane straight beyond the line.

Sergio Perez. Source:

What did Perez say?

“We were close to retiring the car but luckily we managed to finish the race and it was quite difficult all the way to the end.

“I am so, so happy for today. The race, normally Baku is pretty crazy. At the [re] start, I had a poor start so [Hamilton] was alongside me but I was like ‘I’m not going to miss this.’

“He had very strong pace throughout the race, I think we had a slow stop as well and he just pushed me from lap one onwards. I had the pressure from him pretty much from the beginning.

“[At the re-start] I broke as late as I possibly could, he did the same and it didn’t work for him. It’s a good a day. This is definitely a strong boost of confidence for myself and for the team.”

Max did a tremendous race

Max Verstappen. Source:

Perez sympathised with Verstappen for his late failure which resulted in the Dutchman crashing into a wall and then being taken to a medical centre.

“I have to say I am very sorry for Max because he did a tremendous race,” Perez said.

“He really deserved the win. It would have been incredible to get that one-two for the team but in the end, it is a fantastic day for us,” he concluded.

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