“Trying to elevate himself”: Bayless rips into Erving for leaving out Michael Jordan from all-time team

Last week, NBA legend Julius Erving joined Chris Haynes on the podcast Posted Up to discuss which players he thought were “multi-generational”.

He then shockingly snubbed arguably the greatest player in NBA history in Lebron James from his list of a top all-time NBA team because he “led the charge in terms of super teams”.

There were a plethora of reactions from NBA fans as to the fact that Lebron James, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant were nowhere to be seen on his list.

However, that wasn’t the only shocking decision he made. Erving also left out Michael Jordan, who is in the GOAT debate alongside Lebron James, from his first team.

Skip Bayless, an ESPN sports analyst who is also an avid Michael Jordan fanatic, was appalled by Erving’s list and took to Twitter to defend who he believes is the GOAT.

“Dr. J is trying to defend his era and elevate himself a bit, and I get that. But no MJ on the 1st team?! This reads to me like a grumpy old man list,” he said

Later on ESPN Undisputed, Skip Bayless reacted to his list.

“The Dr. is OUT! As in out of his mind! Any list that has Michael Jordan on the 2nd team is disqualified,” he said.

Its important to give NBA legends their props for paving the way for other generations. However, it seems ludicrous to leave out the greatest players off the list.

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