Guenther Steiner dismisses claims that F1 will be a ‘spec series’ in 2022 – “Can’t compare it to IndyCar”

Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner has dismissed claims that F1 will be a “spec series” in 2022.

The new regulations for the 2022 season has been extensively talked about. The example chassis unveiled recently have raised concerns. However, Steiner has assured that there won’t be any problems, and that any concerns are premature.

“A lot of interpretation of it is like ‘yeah it’s a spec car’, (but) there’s still a lot of room of development,” Steiner said, as reported by RaceFans.

“The spaces where you can develop, they are smaller, but they are still free. It’s not like an IndyCar, which is spec, you cannot do anything. You’ve still got room to do things.

Guenther Steiner Q&A: Haas could become model for new teams
Guenther Steiner (pictured) downplays the impact of the new regulations. Source:

“It will be less noticeable, to be honest, when people do different things because the devil is in the detail. At the moment, for example, if you just take the barge boards behind the front wheels, there’s so much going on there in parts and pieces. They are gone (in 2022) and you don’t see them.

“But there’s still a lot of things you can do to get the diffuser to work, from that side. So they are different. I wouldn’t compare it with an IndyCar because that is obviously a spec car, a Formula 2 car is a spec car.

New dawn

“A Formula 1 car, there’s a lot of work and areas you can work on still in the new regulation. What you saw was a principal of a car, how the base will look like, but the cars will be quite developed. When a few hundred engineers in each team work on it, they find places if they’ve got the opportunity to do something different. So it will be still very competitive technically as well,” he concluded.

The next season is still some months away, and the new regulations promise to shake up the sport. However, Steiner’s statements have cooled that narrative down.

We will have to wait and see next season how much F1 changes after the regulations are enforced.

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