“Still a big problem for us”: Verstappen unsure why his car is lacking speed in Monaco

Max Verstappen was not happy with how the Thursday free practice turned out for Red Bull in Monaco.

According to him, the RB16B is deficient around slow corners which is one of the main reasons for his lack of pace on the grid.

The Dutchman managed to finish third and fourth during the two free practices on Thursday in Monaco. He took second position in qualifying, behind Charles Leclerc of Ferrari.

Max Verstappen. Source: gpfans.com

New hindrance for Red Bull?

Even though Verstappen’s pace was not very slow, he claimed that the scenario might end up as a hindrance for him and Red Bull.

“You want the car to turn quickly, especially in the slow corners where a lot of time can be gained but that is still a big problem for us,” Verstappen explained to Ziggo Sport.

“We are too slow, normally I get up to speed more easily, but not here and I am not sure why. The balance in the car was not good.

“We were in good shape, but we actually have to be three-tenths apart from everyone all the time and that was not the case.”

Verstappen losing confidence?

Max was also pessimistic about his chances.

“We will see that, but not in this way, because we are clearly behind,” Verstappen said.

Red Bull RB16B. Source: planetf1.com

“Everyone has suffered from a delay somewhere on the circuit, but we are just well behind. We really have to find what is necessary to be ahead of Mercedes and Ferrari.”

Verstappen is the most unambiguous driver on the grid at the moment. These statements can be a cause of worry for the outfit.

However, a lot can change between the qualifying and the actual race considering Max always puts up a tough fight. He also has support from his teammate Sergio Perez who managed to top the first free practice sessions.

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