Teams unanimous in engine freeze, want more details on sprint races

Formula 1 teams have agreed to go ahead with plans for an engine freeze from 2022. They have also said they are open to the idea of sprint races, but want more details before they make a formal decision.

A meeting involving Formula 1 officials and the teams took place on Thursday. It is believed that there was unanimous approval as far as the engine freeze is concerned.

Red Bull had originally pushed for this freeze. The team is hopeful it can take on the Honda project after the manufacturer ends its association with the sport at the end of this season.

Red Bull was not keen on developing the engine itself. However, the team is believed to be confident it has the resources to continue running the power units for the next few years.

Initially, all teams were not on board with the idea of an engine freeze when it was first proposed at the end of last season. However, it is believed to have received full backing at this meeting.

Sprint races were also discussed by the Commission. The option of a trial has been put on the table to see if it can be a viable option going forward.

Three locations have been decided to try out these sprint races. The tracks in Canada, Italy and Brazil are believed to be the best options since they will provide high-speed action. The aim is to make all three days of the Formula 1 weekend entertaining.

Saturday’s action will be dominated by a 100 km sprint race if this goes through. Qualifying for this race will be held on Friday and the sprint races will have half the points attributed to them.

While the teams are yet to give the green light to this plan, it is believed that they are keen on it. The finer details need to be worked out.

It is likely that teams want their sporting directors to gain a thorough understanding of these races and any ill effects it may have. Only then will they fully commit to it.

Driver salary cap was also discussed at the meeting, but as always, a solution could not be found.

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