Barty’s coach opens up on the quarantine rules on Australia return – “It’s a bit ridiculous”

After world No. 1 Ashleigh Barty had to spend two weeks in a hotel quarantine after returning to her native nation in late September, coach Craig Tyzzer slammed Australia’s “ridiculous” quarantine laws.

Barty, according to Tyzzer, had no objection to being placed in quarantine. She did object to not being allowed to be placed in a home quarantine.

“You can’t get flights, it’s ridiculously expensive and you’ve got to do two weeks’ quarantine in a hotel where you can’t open windows,” Tyzzer told as per reports on Tennishead.

“You get tested basically the same amounts in the tournaments, both players and their teams.

“So we were up to 68 when Ash left for London and I left to come home to Australia.

“It’s part of what we had to put up with this year. It’s not much fun. You know at least everybody around you and in the tournaments are safe and Covid-free so it certainly enables you to operate.

“But to come back and do another couple of weeks in quarantine after two tests and finding out you’re negative, it’s a bit ridiculous.”

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Tyzzer talks about Barty

Barty has had a long and exhausting season.It’s likely that she won’t compete in any more competitions in 2021.

“Obviously having the right (Australian Open) lead-up is ideal. Being able to get a pre-season in is massive,” said Tyzzer.

“So obviously the more time we get to work on the things we need to work on and progress in this sport will give us the best opportunity coming into the summer, that’s for sure.”

Tyzzer doubts that players will agree to be quarantined when they arrive in Australia for the Australian Open.

“I know that players won’t come out if they have to quarantine,” said Tyzzer.

“There’s already quite a few who we’ve spoken to who have said if it’s like last year, they’re not coming”.

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