China blacklists Naomi Osaka social media account after tennis ace questions Peng Shuai disappearance

Peng Shuai, the former world number one in the women’s doubles, had recently posted on Chinese social network website Weibo detailing an incident with a former deputy Prime Minister and member of the Chinese government. She accused the man of violence and rape.

However, she soon deleted the post and refuted its legitimacy. Shuai spoke about a forced relationship full of abuse. However, after deleting the post and signing off with a clarification that none of it is true, there has been no sign of her whereabouts.

It undoubtedly left the tennis world in a state of shock. She has subsequently sent a letter to a Chinese broadcasting agency that has relayed this message to her fans.

“Hello everyone, this is Peng Shuai. Regarding what is published on the WTA website, the content has not been approved nor has my consent for publication. The news contained in that statement, including the rape allegations, are not true.

“I haven’t disappeared and I’m not in danger. I’m just home and resting, thank you so much for caring about me. If the WTA intends to publish more news about me, please contact me directly.”

Naomi Osaka and Peng Shuai. Credit:

To many, this letter seems rather abrupt and mysterious. It is important to note that there has been no public viewing of Peng since then.

Japanese tennis ace Naomi Osaka is also far from convinced. She voiced her opinion and looked to seek further clarity on exactly what is going on with Peng.

Naomi Osaka’s social profile removed

On her Twitter account, Osaka wrote: “I’m not sure I’ve been following the news, but I was recently informed of a tennis friend who went missing shortly after she revealed she was abused.

“Censorship is never good at any cost. I am shocked by the current situation and I send her love and light.”

Subsequently, Osaka’s social media account is now no longer available for Chinese users. While Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not allowed in China, Weibo aggregates content from the social media accounts of influential people around the world.

While Osaka was previously followed quite extensively there, her account is now no longer being displayed.

It goes without saying that the concern for Peng Shuai has only grown more.

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