Coco Gauff holds back tears as Luisa Stefani retires due to injury

Coco Gauff and Caty McNally reached the finals of the US Open 2021. In the semi-finals, they faced Luisa Stefani of Brazil and Gabriela Dabrowski of Canada.

They were given a walkover due to Stefani’s leg injury. When the incident occurred, the score of the game was 6-6.

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Coco Gauff and her partner, Caty McNally enter the finals of the US Open 2021. Source:

Coco Gauff was practically in tears during the post-match interview. Despite the fact that she was pleased to have won the match and is now one step closer to capturing the US Open 2021 title with Caty McNally, she felt terrible for Luisa Stefani. She even stated that she despises winning in this manner.

Stefani twisted her ankle and fell on the court during the first set. It appeared to be a serious injury at first, and she subsequently revealed that she would be unable to play the match, giving Gauff and McNally the walkover.

Surprisingly, Gauff displayed tremendous sportsmanship and character on the court. Despite the fact that she was overjoyed at her triumph, she made every effort to ensure that her opponent was in good spirits.

Gauff and McNally in the finals of the US Open

Coco Gauff is in the finals of the US Open 2021 after a stellar performance in the doubles category. On the court, she and her partner, Caty McNally, have demonstrated incredible coordination. Surprisingly, the duo has yet to lose a set at a Grand Slam.

Gauff and McNally will meet Stosur and Shuai for the US Open 2021 title on Sunday, following their walkover over Stefani and Dabrowski. They are also yet to lose a set at a major and might pose a significant danger to the American duo.

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