Dellacqua backed Raducanu to shine in Australian Open debut – “She’s got it in her”

Former Australian tennis player Casey Dellacqua backed Emma Raducanu to shine in her Australian Open debut, saying that she is a firm favourite.

Raducanu had her breakout moment at the US Open. Her staggering victory on US soil announced her arrival and established her as a star.

She is now set to play the Australian Open for the first time in her career. This will be Grand Slam number two if she wins it, but the competition will be stiff. With many critics also suggesting she could be a one-hit wonder, the pressure will be high.

However, Dellacqua backed Raducanu to shine in her Australian Open debut, saying that she will be a key contender at the tournament.

“When someone’s got it in them to be a Grand Slam champion, I don’t think you can ever not talk about them in terms of winning another major,” she told the Australian Open website, as quoted by Tennis World USA.

“To have that champion mentality and drive, and to do what she’s done, she’s got it in her.

“The women’s draw is so open in my mind. There are so many players I’ve got my eye on, to see where they fit in the draw, see their form after the off-season, how the lead-in events go.”

Casey Dellacqua backs Emma Raducanu to do well in Australian Open debut
Raducanu (pictured) will take part in the Australian Open. Source:

Will do well

“The AO is always a tricky one to predict because players are coming in with a kind of clean slate,” she continued.

“But I definitely think Emma Raducanu’s name has to be there, in the picture somewhere, in terms of going deep in the AO.

“She’s got her whole career to look forward to. She’ll find her feet on tour; she already knows she belongs there. It’s now just about getting your teeth stuck into that lifestyle of being a professional tennis player week-in, week-out on tour.

“I think her future is bright. She seems so motivated and keen – why wouldn’t you be when you’ve just won the US Open?” she continued.

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