Djokovic blasts journalist in an interview

After a month of silence following his loss in the US Open final, we finally heard from Novak Djokovic yesterday.

The Serbian revealed that he hadn’t picked up a racket in almost a month and said he’d start practicing for the Paris event, where he’ll make his comeback after New York.

But the most important aspect of the interview was when he talked about the upcoming Australian Open in 2022, saying that his participation is up in the air and that his presence is in jeopardy.

To defend its country, Australia maintains very tight standards when it comes to Covid concerns.

The steps made with the tennis players in the previous edition were not well received by the players.

More than 70 tennis players were subjected to a two-week quarantine while traveling on a plane with other positives, which resulted in many of them becoming hurt.

They went from not leaving the room to competing in a best-of-five set competition.

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Novak Djokovic’s interview with Jelena Medic

Novak Djokovic recently gave an in-depth interview to Blic’s Jelena Medic, in which he revealed his upcoming schedule.

Before discussing his preparations for the Australian Open, Djokovic confirmed that he will compete in the Paris Masters, ATP Finals, and Davis Cup Finals this year.

Thousands of fans across the world have been curious about Djokovic’s vaccination status since the health order was announced.

However, the 20-time Major champion believes that by asking such questions, individuals are crossing lines.

“Too many people today allow themselves such freedom to ask things and condemn a person,” Djokovic said as per reports on Eurosport.

“Whatever you answer: ‘Yes, I didn’t, maybe, I don’t know, I’m thinking,’ they will abuse it.

“The media has become, I have no word how to describe it,” he added.

“It spreads fear and panic among people, and I don’t want to participate in that rift. I feel that everyone is hostile. I don’t want to give them a reason to write some things about me.

“Now what I told you, one of your editors can take and make a scandal out of it. I don’t want to take part in any storm that is happening right now.”

Novak Djokovic is expected to return to the court shortly, according to recent reports. In the next Davis Cup 2021, the 20-time Grand Slam winner will represent Serbia.

“Novak is with us. I would like to use the next three tournaments to raise my game before the Davis Cup, Filip Krajinovic revealed.

“We are going there with all the best players, so our goal is to lift the trophy, just like we did in 2010”.

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