Djokovic set to enjoy greatest crowd support at Paris Masters

In the capital city, the Paris Masters is getting closer. At the most recent masters event, all of the tennis stars are ready to give their best performances. After a devastating loss in the finals of the US Open 2021, World No. 1 Novak Djokovic is finally making a return.

The director of the Paris Masters, Guy Forget, recently spoke at a pre-tournament press conference about the capital’s compassion for Djokovic.

He believes that people are beginning to respect the 20-time Grand Slam champion. Jimmy Connors, who was in a similar circumstance later in his career, was also mentioned by Forget.

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‘The capital is supporting Novak Djokovic’

Novak Djokovic is back on the tennis court, competing in the Masters event in Paris. Guy Forget, the tournament’s director, spoke about the kind reception he has received just before the competition.

Fans in Paris have grown to respect the world’s top player, despite his lack of popularity compared to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

“Of course, we are delighted to have Novak with us. I think his choice is also linked to the fact that he will go to the Masters, and to the Davis Cup.

“To perform there, he needs benchmarks, to re-adjust, to find the target,” he said as per reports We Love Tennis.

He then made a comparison between Djokovic and Connors.

“Moreover, concerning Novak, I find that the capital sympathy towards him is changing.

“This had happened especially in my time with Jimmy Connors but for the American, it had come to the end of his career and he was not at the level of Nole.”

The Paris Masters draw has been made public. Surprisingly, Djokovic’s road has been made difficult for him. In the competition’s semi-finals, the five-time Paris Master champion is scheduled to meet Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Tennis fans all across the world are ecstatic to see the World No. 1 back in play. This will be Djokovic’s first competition since losing in the finals of the US Open 2021.

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