Djokovic’s parents slam Australia for branding him a “scapegoat”

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic’s parents slammed Australia for branding their son as a “scapegoat” in front of the media.

Djokovic’s hardball stance on vaccination took an ugly turn when he landed in Australia for the Australian Open. The authorities quickly took exception to his arrival and rejected his Visa application.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner is playing the waiting game while his lawyers are doing their best to overturn the government’s decision regarding his Visa. They are up against an entire country, so it is set to become a huge legal feud.

In the wake of their son being detained, Djokovic’s parents slammed Australia for branding him a “scapegoat” to everyone watching.

“It is very difficult for me to go through this. No one deserved this kind of treatment, especially not him,” his mother Dijana said, as quoted by

“This is a purely political attack on Novak, so that he does not become the best of all time.

“He is a scapegoat for me, but also a great winner. He is someone who is a revolutionary and who is changing this world.”

Novak Djokovic’s mother Diana speaks during a press conference as the player is fighting in Australia
Djokovic’s mother Dijana (pictured) is upset with what her son is going through. Source:


Djokovic’s father Srdjan was furious with the country for detaining him at a substandard facility.

“Novak and his team filed the same documents as 25 other tennis players (who received exemptions) and they didn’t have any problems, just Novak,” he said.

“They wanted to humiliate him. They could have said ‘don’t come Novak’ and that would have been okay. But no, they wanted to humiliate him and they’re still keeping him in prison.

“He’s not in detention, he’s in prison. They took all of his stuff, even his wallet, they left him with just his phone and no change of clothes, nowhere to wash his face.

“Our pride is a prisoner of these idiots, shame on them, the whole free world together with Serbia should rise. This isn’t a battle for Serbia and Novak, it’s a battle for billions of people, for freedom of expression, for free speech, freedom of behaviour.

“Novak didn’t break any laws, just as seven billion people didn’t break any laws, they want to subdue us and for us all to be on our knees,” he concluded.

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