Dominic Thiem decodes his Leonardo DiCaprio obsession

Dominic Thiem has having a difficult season in 2021. The Austrian was forced to retire from the Mallorca Championships after suffering a significant wrist injury.

As a result, he was unable to compete in Wimbledon due to his illness.

He then stated in August that he would be retiring for the balance of the 2021 season. Dominic Thiem discussed a variety of issues in a recent interview with GQ.

When asked who he looks up to as a role model, the former US Open champion named the person he’d most like to meet. He holds Leonardo DiCaprio, an American actor and environmental activist, in high regard.

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Dominic Thiem’s inspiration

Dominic Thiem announced some disappointing news about his participation in the remaining ATP circuit in August 2021. Due to a wrist injury, the Austrian opted to retire from the rest of the tour.

Dominic Thiem recently spoke with GQ Magazine about his training after recovering from injury, as well as some heated off-court subjects.

“Leonardo DiCaprio. That would be one of the people I would absolutely want to meet. Because of environmental protection and how he is committed to it.

“I love the way he uses his popularity to do good things. That should actually be a role model for everyone,” he said.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a well-known actor and film producer from the United States.

In addition to acting, DiCaprio is an environmentalist who has taken part in several environmental activism events to raise awareness about the relevance of global warming and climate change.

In addition, the Austrian revealed his training schedule for the next three months.

“The first three weeks will mainly consist of fitness since everything is trained: speed, endurance, and a lot of strength.

“If everything goes ideally, I can start my regular tennis training again in November. Currently, I train a maximum of 15-30 minutes a day,” he further added.

“From then on, tennis will come to the fore – training for four or five weeks, making sure that I start slowly at first and keep increasing the intensity until I am back to 100 percent.”

Finally, the former US Open champion has given us some encouraging news about his return to the tennis court.

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