Dominic Thiem trolls Stefanos Tsitsipas with ‘toilet break’ response

Dominic Thiem’s presence has been sorely missed on the tennis courts, despite the fact that he is well-versed in the current events at the US Open. During Andy Murray’s match against Stefanos Tsitsipas, controversy erupted, prompting a variety of reactions from supporters.

The players have not remained silent in the aftermath of the “toilet break” incident. Thiem recently posted a photo on Instagram mocking Tsitsipas over the situation.

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Dominic Thiem takes a dig at Stefanos Tsitsipas

Dominic appears to be interested in pursuing a career in modelling. He recently shared a photo on Instagram. The tennis pro was seen emerging from the bushes, shirtless.

The post received a lot of positive feedback from the fans. However, we’re not sure if Stefanos shares our sentiments. To insult Stefanos, Thiem added the caption, “Just taking a toilet break!” with a wink emoji.

Since the start of the US Open, the rivalry between Murray and Tsitsipas had produced some of the finest rallies. In the final set of the match, Tsitsipas, the third seed, took a toilet break. Some believe he did it to disrupt Andy’s momentum, while others believe he followed the rules and did nothing wrong.

Tsitsipas is presently ranked 3rd in the world, which is his highest ranking ever. In order to win the Slam, he was one of the favourites to give Novak a tough fight. In the third round of the event, though, Carlos Alcaraz appeared out of nowhere and defeated the strong Greek.

Another Spanish talent rose to prominence throughout the gruelling five-set contest. Carlos made it to the Quarterfinals when he awarded Aliassime a walkover in the second set.

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