Expert predicts Djokovic will win on his return – “He’s gonna have the bit between his teeth”

Tennis expert Greg Rusedski predicted that Novak Djokovic would win on his return to action, saying he would be looking to prove a point. 

Two weeks of confrontations over vaccination and travel issues between Djokovic and the Australian government resulted in the Serbian getting his visa revoked and deported. This was after he had won the first appeal in court, allowing him to play in the Australian Open.

The situation also saw the 20-time Grand Slam winner banned from the country for three years. This means that he won’t be able to defend his title or appear at Melbourne Park, an arena that has been very kind to him, in the near future, something Rusedski weighed in on. 

The expert predicted that Djokovic would win on his return, saying he would be back with a killer vengeance. 

In his latest interview with Tennis Channel as quoted by Tennis World USA, the former British No. 1 said, “So Djokovic wants to go down as the greatest male tennis player in the history of the sport. Probably even break Margaret Court’s record of 24 Majors. 

'Novak Djokovic's gonna have the bit between his teeth', says expert
Djokovic (pictured) is looking to return soon. Source:

“So I think the next tournament he plays where he’s going to be allowed to play, depending on his status with vaccinations, and so forth, and countries’ rules towards that.”

Triumphant return

“Mark my words, he’s going to win his first event back,” he predicted. 

“Well, Djokovic is gotta be, you know, upset about the whole situation Down Under thinking, okay, I should win Wimbledon this year, then the US open.

“So I think this is gonna be an amazing year. Yeah, with these guys. Oh yeah, he’s gonna have the bit between his teeth.”

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