Justine Henin believes that players have started fearing Serena Williams lesser than before

Justine Henin gave a harsh opinion on Serena Williams, saying that playing her is no longer the most dreaded situation.

Serena has been an elite in women’s tennis for a long time. However, time and tide wait for no one, and age seems to be catching up to the American superstar. Her performances have waned in recent times, and she is not quite the force she once was.

With the 23-time Grand Slam winner stuck on that number for quite a while, the chances of her clinching one more and equalling Margaret Court’s record are looking pretty slim. Henin gave a harsh opinion on Serena, and said that she isn’t hopeful of her doing it.

“The young players are starting to fear Serena Williams less,” Henin said, as quoted by eurosport.

“We were afraid of Serena in my era. And a lot of girls continued to be afraid of her for years. Now it’s just not the case anymore and certainly she feels it.

“You can feel that her attitude on court has changed. There is less self-belief, there is less confidence and potentially, we can ask, is there still the same drive, the same desire?

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Serena (pictured) may not have much left in the tank. Source: sports.ndtv.com

“And frankly, we are allowed to answer ‘no’. That does not take anything from her and she remains someone exceptional in all that she has accomplished. That will never change.”

Not the same

“I’m starting to have to be convinced, that the quest that she had set herself to go and win more Grand Slams, at least one Grand Slam, won’t happen,” she continued.

“But it’s always hard to answer ‘100 per cent it’s not going to happen’. And because all the time, I want to say that I remember Serena Williams is from my generation, my time and she’s still here.

“She gave me so much trouble that I still want to believe that Serena is capable of anything. But you have to be realistic. Maybe she’s also discovering a new life today. Life can be wonderful after tennis.

“So it will depend on her physical condition, obviously, and on her will to do what it takes. I think it’s going to get harder and harder, if not impossible.”

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