Ibrahimovic offers support to Djokovic – “You should not be forced to get vaccinated”

AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic offered his support for his friend Novak Djokovic, saying that no one should be afford the treatment he was afforded.

Djokovic’s vaccination issue is common knowledge by now. The Serbian’s unwillingness to take the vaccine saw him banned from the Australian Open, but that’s only the beginning of the story.

The World No. 1 fought a legal battle against the Australian Open protesting the ban from the tournament. Although he won the case, the government used their powers to deport him on health grounds.

In the aftermath of the situation, Ibrahimovic offered his support for Djokovic, saying he was disgusted by what happened to his friend.

“You should not be forced to get vaccinated to be able to go to work,” the 40-year-old Swedish forward said.

Novak Djokovic 'different' comment made as Zlatan discusses Aus Open  debacle | Tennis | Sport | Express.co.uk
Ibrahimovic (left) with Djokovic (right). Source: tennisworldusa.org

“Getting vaccinated for health reasons is not the same as getting vaccinated for a tennis tournament.”

Not ideal

“The person who takes the vaccine does so because they believe that it is effective against the disease,” he continued.

“I got vaccinated because I think it protects me, not to be able to play football. These are two different things.”

Greek World No. 4 Stefanos Tsitsipas criticised Djokovic, saying that the whole incident left a bad mark on the sport.

“No one really thought they could come to Australia unvaccinated and not having to follow the protocols,” he said.

“It takes a lot of daring to do and putting the grand slam at risk, which I don’t think many players would do.

“The stats say 98 per cent of players have been vaccinated and did what they had to do in order to come and perform and play in Australia.”

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