Judy Murray sends warning to Raducanu – “Will face a steep learning curve”

Judy Murray sent a warning to Emma Raducanu, saying that there will be hurdles and troubles ahead for her.

Raducanu set the world on fire when she became a Grand Slam champion at the age of 18. She won the US Open last year, and became the first qualifier ever to win a Grand Slam.

Her landmark victory made her hot property in the world of tennis. She has been landing lucrative sponsorship deals and handling a lot of mainstream attention. The youngster has the world on her shoulders, something the Scottish coach agreed with.

Judy Murray sent a warning to Raducanu, saying that the rest of her career will bring in more trials and tribulations, and asked her to be prepared.

“The next 10 months will be completely different to anything she has experienced in her fledging albeit incredibly exciting career,” she wrote in her column for the Daily Telegraph, as quoted by Tennis World USA.  

Judy Murray: Emma Raducanu faces steep learning curve in next 10 months
Raducanu (pictured) has the world in her hands. Source: tennisworldusa.org

“It will be a steep learning curve on the women’s circuit as she adjusts from the relative anonymity of an A-Level schoolgirl to the dog-eat-dog world of week in, week out tour tennis.

“Add to that the expectation and demands of fans, media, sponsors and agents and you can see how her life has changed out of sight since winning the US Open.”


“I was so pleased to hear her say she wants to prioritise the development of her game and work on her fitness in the build up to the Australian Open,” she continued.

“Her tennis is already in such a good place, but it’s important that we don’t heap expectation and pressure on her.

“Let’s give her time and space to grow her game and get to grips with what the pro tennis circuit will demand of her.”

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