Serena Williams, a 23-time Grand Slam champion, has been a huge influence on women in sports and beyond. Without her, tennis would not be the same as it is now.

As a result, as the legend celebrated her 40th birthday today, she got greetings from all around the world. Kim Kardashian, an American television and social media icon, also wished the tennis champion a happy birthday.

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Kim shared photos with her pal Serena on her Instagram stories to commemorate the happy occasion. In one photo, the two are sipping tea from teacups, while in another, they are dressed up for a party.

Kardashian wrote, “Happy Birthday, Serena Williams. Love you always!!!!”

Serena had the potential to be a legend from a young age. Her progress, however, was not without adversity, as she faced various challenges in both her professional and personal lives. But she kept coming back, stronger than before. She still has all the grace and desire to play her best on the court at the age of 40.

Serena Williams receives birthday greetings

On Twitter, all four Grand Slam events expressed their best wishes to the living legend. On this important day, they even shared some of Serena’s most memorable moments, like her winning speeches.

Australian Open shared all the speeches and wrote, “Living her best life Down Under.”

The French Open was commemorated with a photo of Serena Williams competing in the prestigious clay-court competition. It was captioned “40 – heart emoji (love). Happy 40th birthday to our 3-time champion, Serena Williams.”

Following that, the Wimbledon Championships, the only grass-court Grand Slam event, presented a collage of her major sporting accomplishments. Wimbledon wrote, “Memories upon memories upon memories. The incomparable Serena Williams turns 40 today.”

Finally, the US Open released a YouTube video of the newly 40-year-top old’s 40 moments from the event. “Legend status – 100 number emoji. Celebrate 40 years of Serena Williams by taking a look back at her 40 greatest US Open moments,” the video was captioned.

Finally, the tennis world expects Serena to return to the Tour shortly and win her long-awaited 24th Grand Slam trophy. It would, indeed, be the ideal present for her.

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