McEnroe calls for investigation into Djokovic’s COVID test – “That makes absolutely no sense to me”

Retired tennis player John McEnroe has called for an investigation into Novak Djokovic’s COVID test, saying it was completely shady.

Djokovic ended up missing the Australian Open due to him not being vaccinated. After bags of controversy, blame games and even a legal battle, he was deported from Australia and banned from the country.

It marked the end of a complete fiasco regarding the World No. 1’s participation in the Australian Open. His final appeal was also rejected, meaning he will have to wait for his 21st Grand Slam win.

Despite this, McEnroe has called for an investigation into Djokovic’s COVID test, saying he may have duped the government in the case he won.

As quoted by Stuff, when asked if the whole ordeal should be investigated, McEnroe said, “In short, yes. I’d like to know.

“I’ll give you an example of something I don’t understand. Novak Djokovic, to me, is an extremely smart person. If he tested positive on – what date is it? – December 15th – I’m throwing in a date – why in the hell would he do an interview with a journalist on December 16th?”

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, centre, wearing a face mask, arrives in the municipal building in Budva, Montenegro. Djokovic arrived to receive a plaque declaring him an honorary citizen of the town.
Djokovic (middle) had a rough couple of weeks. Source: AP


“That makes absolutely no sense to me,” he continued.

“The guy’s not stupid. He’s smart. So, already, I’m like, ‘What?!’

“I mean, he wasn’t just sitting around going, ‘I hope I get COVID so I can get an exemption’. So that wasn’t happening.

“I don’t think that you’ll be getting the Serbian authorities to try to figure out a way to make Novak look bad, if that’s what anyone’s thinking. That ain’t happening,” he concluded.

After hearing the comments, the International Tennis Federation and Association of Tennis Professionals declined to comment on the possibility of an investigation.

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