Medvedev not sold on the new Davis Cup format – “Not easy to compare emotions”

Daniil Medvedev gave his opinion on the new Davis Cup, saying that it was hard to properly assess it.

The Davis Cup is a prestigious competition in tennis. It has seen champions win it and underdogs upset the odds. However, it is set to undergo a change, something the hardcore fans of the sport have vehemently opposed.

The ITF recently dropped the announcement that the competition will be held across a whopping four cities in 2022. It is a far cry from the traditional part, but the one that draw the most flak was the rumour of Aby Dhabi being the host of the knockout stage.

Medvedev gave his opinion on the new Davis Cup, saying that he finds it a little tricky to talk about.

“Yeah, I think everything has to change one moment,” he said, as quoted by Tennis World USA.

“It’s tough for me to talk about all Davis Cup because I played it two times. I think I played it in Serbia. Yeah, I played it actually four times, but in the World Group we only played one time when I was in the team.

Daniil Medvedev weighs in on proposed Davis Cup Finals move to Abu Dhabi
Medvedev (pictured) discussed the new Davis Cup. Source: TennisWorld

“So it’s not easy for me to compare the emotions, the crowds, the tournament itself. I can say that for all of us it’s very important to win here. It’s still Davis Cup. We still see Novak playing.”

Gulf problems

“I think the idea (of Abu Dhabi) itself is very good,” he continued.

“Of course, the calendar doesn’t let Davis Cup be in any other week, so that’s where it’s tough.

“That’s where some top players are not going to play because it’s the end of the season, somebody’s burned out, somebody’s injured, somebody wants to prepare well Australia, so that’s not easy.

“In general, the idea of having four cities in Europe, trying to get of course best countries to play there in front of their home crowd, and gather together in Abu Dhabi where I heard it’s amazing stadium and amazing facilities, I like this idea.

“Again, it’s going to be tough for any player, especially who is in the Masters, to be able to cope up with the season,” he concluded.

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