Millman inspired by Federer to have great 2022 – “Some of these guys have opened up that door”

John Millman has been inspired by Roger Federer to have a great 2022.

Federer will be missing the US Open for the second year in a row. However, his aura still shines bright and will do so at Melbourne. The Swiss ace’s consistency and longevity has been outstanding and has inspired a whole generation of players.

Even though he turned 40 last year, he has routinely laughed in the face of age. He was a Wimbledon quarter-finalist last year, and is still going strong in his twilight years.

Millman has been inspired by Roger Federer to have a great 2022, and heaped praise on the 20-time Grand Slam winner.

“At my age, probably this year I have decided not to take it for granted when the body’s good,” he told AAP, as quoted by the West Australian.

“I keep getting told, ‘take a look at Roger’. I don’t think Roger’s done favours to any tennis player. He’s had the injury bugs the last couple of seasons but the guy played for ages, for bloody forever.

“Ten years ago, if you said guys would still be in their prime at 31, 32, 33, 34, they would have laughed at you.”

John Millman is inspired by Roger Federer's longevity but says the Swiss is a hard act to follow.
Millman (pictured) is inspired by Federer’s longevity. Source: EPA

Age is just a number

“I remember when (Andre) Agassi was running around at 34 and people thought he was a little bit crazy and then he played the US Open final at 35,” he continued

“This is my point. Some of these guys have opened up that door to make it seem the norm, but it doesn’t get any easier. That’s the reality. Especially with my type of tennis, it’s a physical brand of tennis.

“I’m actually really happy with where the body’s at right now. It’s in a better shape than it was at some stages this year. So as long as the mindset’s good when I walk on the court, it’s really important.

“So at times mentally I probably haven’t been at 100 per cent this year. But, right now, I’m physically and mentally in a good spot and I do believe if I can keep my body like this, I can have a better 2022 season.”

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