Prominent coach Patrick Mouratoglou has heaped praise on Serena Williams, saying she will be the greatest of all time no matter what.

Serena is the star pupil of Mouratoglou, and he has ranked her as the greatest of all time, even above tennis legend Margaret Court. Speaking about his opinion, Mouratoglou heaped praise on Serena, and said that because Court played in a different era, her competition was weaker.

“Margaret Court was playing at a time when three-quarters did not even go to Australia for the Australian Open, where tennis was an amateur sport and when there were 16 players in the draw,” Mouratoglou said, as quoted by Tennis World USA.

'Serena Williams is already the greatest player of all time, with or..' says coach
Serena (pictured) is the greatest of all time, according to Mouratoglou. Source:

“I do not mean to disrespect Margaret Court, but it’s another era. Yes, it would be better if Serena broke her record but, if she does not, she will still be the greatest player of all time.

“Serena still has a chance to win another Major; the question is how much she wants it and what is she willing to do to get there. It became harder after becoming a mother, and her daughter has to be her priority. Her family comes first, and I think that’s the main reason she did not win another Major,” he explained.

Last shot

Serena is approaching the twilight years of her career. As such, she is hungry for that elusive 24th Major victory, and is going all-in for it. She last won in 2017 at the Australian Open. However, the arrival of her child meant she missed out on her return to the court. A she turns 40 soon, time is against her.

With Court sitting on 24 titles, Serena’s main goal is to match her, and then do one better. However, given her age and the rise of world-class players like Naomi Osaka, it is easier said than done.

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