Murray harps on ‘finding the right balance’ at crucial times

Andy Murray, a three-time Grand Slam champion, believes that a strong player must have numerous plans in place so that he can change if something goes wrong.

Murray has made some changes to his game as a result of his two hip surgeries. But he is no longer as effective as he once was.

Murray has long been regarded as one of the top tactical players in the game.

“I think sometimes I’m too weak in the most important moments of a match and I have to find the right balance in those kinds of situations.

“For example, I feel like I’m playing a lot more at the net and not always being successful in this kind of situation.

“Obviously there are some things that I have changed in my tennis that have worked very well, but there are others that I need to continue to improve if I want to be the Murray of a few years ago.

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“In tennis, if you repeat the same pattern of play or try to play the same thing, you are lost. It doesn’t always work. You have to have a Plan A, a Plan B and even a Plan C.

“If you are a player who is just playing the same game, you are lost.

“If you are a tennis player with only one thing in mind, you are not making the right decision,” Murray said as per reports on We Love Tennis.

Murray is scheduled to play in Vienna

Murray’s only victory since his return to the Tour after two hip surgeries was in Antwerp in 2019.

Murray returned to Antwerp this week, but was unable to retain his title. Losing in the round of 16 against Diego Schwartzman.

Murray, the 2014 and 2016 Vienna champion, was given a wild card into the tournament. Now he will be competing for the third time.

“I had tough draws, Vienna and Paris will be as well tough tournaments,” Murray said.

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