Why has Nick Kyrgios has always had a soft spot for Roger Federer?

Roger Federer is one of the few men’s tennis players who has been able to inspire as many people as he has. The way the Swiss master handles himself both on and off the court is unrivalled.

Nick Kyrgios recently complimented him on his performance. Federer was hailed as the best player of all time by the Australian superstar.

He recalled his first contact with him fondly, but insisted that he is a pleasant and warm person. Kyrgios also believes that no other player has the same influence as Roger.

“The goat, I was very intimidated the first time I saw him and after that, he always continued to have the aura that no other player has. he is a great and friendly guy with a great sense of humor,” Kyrgios said.

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Nick Kyrgios. Source: hindustantimes.com

Kyrgios talks about Federer

Nick has always been enthusiastic and upbeat while discussing Federer over the years. They’ve recently been involved in several tough matches. Both players have played seven times against each other.

Nick was victorious in their first encounter. The following six battles, however, went in favour of the Basel native.

Kyrgios, who last competed in the Laver Cup for Team World, has not competed in any event since. Federer, on the other hand, said that he would need to have another knee operation at the end of the season.

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