Noah amazed by Nadal’s longevity – “At his age, I could no longer walk”

1983 French Open champion Yannick Noah revealed that he was amazed by Rafael Nadal’s longevity, saying he fails to understand how he does it.

Nadal stunned the world at the Australian Open when he won his 21st Grand Slam. He beat a stubborn Daniil Medvedev in the finals after being down two sets, wrapping up the match with a stunning comeback.

It was sweet redemption for the Spaniard, who had spent the last year recovering from an injury. To come back at 35 years of age and beat some of the best players in the world for a record-breaking achievement is no mean feat.

Noah revealed that he was amazed by Nadal, saying he cannot put into words how the player finds another level to tap into.

“I don’t know, 35, so obviously that captures the imagination. It is extraordinary,” he said on the Super Moscato Show as quoted by Tennis World USA.  

“At his age, I could no longer walk. He physically dominates the guys, I find that extraordinary.”

Yannick Noah: Extraordinary that Rafael Nadal physically dominates the guys at 35
Nadal (pictured) is a record-breaker at this moment. Source:

Who’s the greatest?

When asked who the best ever was in his opinion, the former champion said, “The GOAT? (Novak) Djokovic is on stand-by so we have to see.

“Whether there is one who has won 21 or 20 is completely abstract, but what I find wonderful are the matches they deliver.

“The level of play at the end of the final on Sunday, I wondered if it was not PlayStation. It was amazing.

“Federer, I don’t know if he will come back, it will be difficult for him, but Djokovic is still in the race. But after knowing who the GOAT is, I don’t care.

“Some will highlight the aesthetic side of Federer, others the courage of Nadal. There is also Borg who stopped at 26 and who had won I don’t know how many…” he concluded.

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